• Ana Cooper

    Ana Cooper

    She is a tall brunette with large round eyes that seem to win boys hearts around campus. She likes to wear low-riding jeans with fashion tops to stay trendy.
  • Clara Sparks

    Clara Sparks

    A gothic girl who is the daughter of Victor Sparks. She like black lacy dresses in the gothic lolita style.
  • Layla Greene

    Layla Greene

    Short and skinny brunette with a spunky attitude. She usually wears jeans and band teeshirts. She is a bit of a rocker chick.
  • Marcia Bradley

    Marcia Bradley

    She is a fiesty redhead that wears somewhat revealing clothes for tips. She has a look about her that warns other not to mess with her, but unlike other gingers, she remains attractive while doing so.
  • Merri Baybear

    Merri Baybear

    Alternative would be a good way to describe her, although there really isn't a peghole to file her under. She has brightly colored hair and usually wears odd clothes, but nothing too outrageous. She prefers comfort over style.
  • Michael Connors

    Michael Connors

    He is a doctor at Morningside Asylum
  • Sylvia Parsons

    Sylvia Parsons

    A woman of luxury. She has a certain elegance about her that gives off an air of dominance to those around her.
  • Tania Hill

    Tania Hill

    She has long wavy brown hair and a big smile. Often she uses laughter to make smiles spread like a cold.
  • Tawny Frederickson

    Tawny Frederickson

    Beach Bum by trade. Has blonde dreadlocks and usually wears very lose flowy clothes when she isn't in a bikini chilling at the beach.
  • Terry O'Neal

    Terry O'Neal

    A gruff guy, somewhat built with a scruffy kind of attractiveness. He can make just about anything he wants to wear sexy.
  • Victor Sparks

    Victor Sparks

    Older man, but still handsome. He prefers to wear dress-casual, but has been known to dress up from time to time at the club.
  • Villa Clazynski

    Villa Clazynski

    Smoking hot blonde with a great body made for the water. Fitness and volleyball has kept her body fit, trim and toned.